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  1. Gary, love your new website. Just got back from KMW and have a few scratches on “your” dulcimer. I put the pick guard on without any problem. What can I use to put on the scratches? Or should I just leave them alone, they are small.
    Love the chromatic more and more and am working hard on chords. Thanks Lea

  2. I have never heard a sound like that coming form a dulcimer, boy would I like to have one but I am left handed and it would have to be made left handed for me. OH well I can listen to you play and that in itself is a real pleasure. Thanks Gary

  3. Just stumbled on your website while browsing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and have printed out some of the tabs. Thanks!

  4. Wow! im just sitting here surfing the web and i stumbled into your website,even though i haven’t really checked your site throuly yet most the things i’ve already seen were. . . .I don’t even know how to explain!!!!!

  5. Hey Gary, Josh here. Really like the looks of that new California style. I hope your bringing a prototype with you to KMW cause I’d love to try it out.

  6. Hello Phillip…Not surprised since it is my own composition and I had not tabbed it out…until now. You will now find Gypsy Wind on my Tab page from the right menu, in both Tabledit and PDF. Thanks.

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