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Here are links to videos of the dulcimer being played on YouTube. I will have my own and The Gallier Brothers videos, and also include choice videos of other noteworthy progressive styles and players.

Highland Rail-Gallier Brothers, Gary’s original composition, Gary on dulcimer, Les on harmonica, David Wilson on mandolin.

Swingin’ On The Moon-Gallier Brothers, Gary’s original composition, Gary on dulcimer, Les on guitar, David Wilson on mandolin.

Happy Habanero-Gallier Brothers, Les’ original composition, Gary on udu, Les on dulcimer, David Wilson on mandolin.

Home At Last-Classical, Les’ original composition, Gary on dulcimer,counterpoint harmony, Les on dulcimer-melody, David Wilson on violin.

Wingfoot Reel/Jam O’Jelly -Gary’s original composition, Celtic/New Grass medley, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Seeker’s Waltz-Gary’s original composition, three part Waltz, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Farewell Fair One-Gary’s original composition, minor key lament, Waltz, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Hi Mom !- Original composition by Aaron O’Rourke, classical. Aaron O’Rourke, dulcimer.

Wildwood Flower- Steve Seifert, a stylized version, Steve Seifert, dulcimer.

Table Hill Road- original composition by Adrian Kosky, haunting qualities of the drone with great right hand rhythm, Australian player Adrian Kosky, dulcimer,vocals.

I like Singing Folks Songs- original composition by Butch Ross. Underhand style, Butch Ross, dulcimer, vocals.

The Trip Home- original composition by Josh Noe, nice use of harmonics and crosspicking. Josh Noe, dulcimer.

Flags-original composition by Michael Furtreal, nice melody, great tone and technique on an electric dulcimer made by Quinton Stevens. Michael Futreal, Dulcicaster.

Dulcimer Mellow Jam- by Israel based multi-instrumentalist Bradley Fish, combines noter style with finger style for a progressive improvisation on a six string baritone.  Bradley Fish, dulcimer.

Cradle Medley- Lorinda Jones combining strumming, flatpicking, and chord melody in a very nice arrangement.  Lorinda Jones, dulcimer, Mark Gatewood, guitar.

The Entertainer- Gerry Phillips….just seeing if you are paying attention :)

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