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Ordering Dulcimers


Contact me and let’s talk about a dulcimer….

Gary Gallier
PO Box 4922gs,
Springfield MO. 65808

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  1. Hello~
    I have just returned from a week @ Augusta in West Va where I had classes with Steve Seifert and took an evening “mini-class” with Lorinda Jones.
    I am in the market for a new dulcimer and am interested in getting one of yours… most likely the A-frame.
    I will be at Dulcimerville… will you have some there to sell?? I am somewhat hesitant to order one with out holding it first… though with Linda, Aarons and Steves recommendations I am pretty sure that is the dulcimer I want.
    So I wanted to know if you’d have some available at Dulcimerville??? and i wasn’t sure f there were choices or woods or sound holes???

    I am looking forward to meeting you & getting to hear you play!


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