Here are links to videos of the dulcimer being played on YouTube. I will have my own and The Gallier Brothers videos, and also include choice videos of other noteworthy progressive styles and players.

Highland Rail-Gallier Brothers, Gary’s original composition, Gary on dulcimer, Les on harmonica, David Wilson on mandolin.

Swingin’ On The Moon-Gallier Brothers, Gary’s original composition, Gary on dulcimer, Les on guitar, David Wilson on mandolin.

Happy Habanero-Gallier Brothers, Les’ original composition, Gary on udu, Les on dulcimer, David Wilson on mandolin.

Home At Last-Classical, Les’ original composition, Gary on dulcimer,counterpoint harmony, Les on dulcimer-melody, David Wilson on violin.

Wingfoot Reel/Jam O’Jelly -Gary’s original composition, Celtic/New Grass medley, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Seeker’s Waltz-Gary’s original composition, three part Waltz, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Farewell Fair One-Gary’s original composition, minor key lament, Waltz, Gary Gallier, dulcimer.

Hi Mom !– Original composition by Aaron O’Rourke, classical. Aaron O’Rourke, dulcimer.

Table Hill Road– original composition by Adrian Kosky, haunting qualities of the drone with great right hand rhythm, Australian player Adrian Kosky, dulcimer,vocals.

I like Singing Folks Songs– original composition by Butch Ross. Underhand style, Butch Ross, dulcimer, vocals.

The Trip Home– original composition by Josh Noe, nice use of harmonics and crosspicking. Josh Noe, dulcimer.

Flags-original composition by Michael Furtreal, nice melody, great tone and technique on an electric dulcimer made by Quinton Stevens. Michael Futreal, Dulcicaster.

Dulcimer Mellow Jam– by Israel based multi-instrumentalist Bradley Fish, combines noter style with finger style for a progressive improvisation on a six string baritone.  Bradley Fish, dulcimer.

Cradle Medley– Lorinda Jones combining strumming, flatpicking, and chord melody in a very nice arrangement.  Lorinda Jones, dulcimer, Mark Gatewood, guitar.

The Entertainer– Gerry Phillips….just seeing if you are paying attention :)