Review of Gallier Brothers Archive CD by Lorinda Jones 

Review on the all instrumental collection representing three decades of original compositions for fretted dulcimer and ensemble by The Gallier Brothers.

This is the CD I would like to have heard if I were starting my life over as a dulcimer player in order to be instilled with the belief that the mountain dulcimer is only limited to the imagination of the player.

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Three Wire Choir - by Stephen Seifert 

Reprinted From Dulcimer Players News , Summer 2013 

I’ve been listening to Gary Gallier’s new recording, Three Wire Choir, for about a month now.  Like his previous two recordings, Craft Of Kin and On The Wing, the sound quality and musicianship is among the best in the dulcimer world. 

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Neal Walters: reviews Craft of Kin 

From the Fall 2001 issue of Dulcimer Players News 

Les and Gary Gallier are the “kin” implied in the title and the two brothers make some wonderful music together as those of you who have their earlier “On the Wing” release will testify.

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The Gallier Brothers – Craft of Kin  

Winfield review reprinted from the Walnut Valley Occasional, September, 2002 By Wanyne Steadham II 

This collection of instrumental acoustic music is a cerebral trip to Appalachia. These guys include dulcimer, mandolin, fiddle and hand drums to evoke music like an acoustic Moody Blues recording sans the synthesizer.

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Pulp Magazine: review of Craft of Kin 

Reprinted from The Pulp magazine – 
Craft of Kin, The Gallier Brothers, 13 tracks, 53:30, 4 Stars 

If you don’t know the music of the Gallier’s, then your way behind the curve. Brothers Les and Gary – a pair of hugely talented Missouri Ozarkers – not only create memorable music; they also build the dulcimers to coax out their aural ideas. The result: Seamless elegance, and a unique addition to your CD collection. 

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Craft of Kin: review by Jerry Rockwell 

The Gallier Brothers 
Craft of Kin is a great new recording by Les and Gary Gallier, featuring their innovative mountain dulcimer playing.  I was immediately taken by the stately, elegant “chamber ensemble” sound of many of the selections, which feature the fine violin and cello playing (and arranging) of David Wilson.  Gary’s trademark dulcimer flatpicking style is in evidence thoughout, as is Les’s fine melodic fingerpicking. 

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