Three Wire Choir - by Stephen Seifert

Reprinted From Dulcimer Players News , Summer 2013 

I’ve been listening to Gary Gallier’s new recording, Three Wire Choir, for about a month now.  Like his previous two recordings, Craft Of Kin and On The Wing, the sound quality and musicianship is among the best in the dulcimer world. 

Besides being an innovative player, Gary also built the dulcimers used on this recording.  I’ve played many of his instruments and know they are one of the reasons his projects sound as good as they do.  Gary sure knows how to put together a great band.  The lineup includes the absolutely fabulous David Wilson on violin, cello, mandolin, and bass; Bo Brown on guitar; and Dave Sowers on bass. 

While Gary plays lead DAD-tuned dulcimer on the tunes he wrote, his brother Les plays lead DAA-tuned dulcimer on the tunes he wrote.  He typically uses fingerpicks and is one of he best DAA players I have ever heard.  Les also does a great job with guitar and percussion. Adding a nice touch to a number of tracks is pianist Jan Milosh.  This is the first record of Gary’s that makes use of the ebony and ivory, and I love the combination. 

Styles include Gypsy, Caribbean, Latin, Bluegrass, and neo Elizabethan, and more.  The all instrumental arrangements range from powerfully sparse to complex and lush.   All but one track is written by either Gary or Les.   These guys don’t just play the melody over and over.  Between solid treatments of the main themes, they take turns jamming and improvising over the chord changes.  Gary did a fine job of mixing this recording.  Dulcimers stand out well when used for leads and are also clearly heard when in the backup role. 

If you want to hear a great recording of a great band, featuring world-class dulcimers, and a bunch of great musicians, order this recording.  Gary will always be one of my most favorite dulcimer players.  I believe he will inspire your playing as much as he has my own. Visit his website at 

Track Listing:  Black Cats, Old Wish, Blessing in Disguise, Riff and Roll, Happy Lonesome Waltz, Irie Irie, Set in Three (Flatbush Waltz – Andy Statman, Flatworld – Andy Cutting, Land’s End –  Tim O’Brien), Catnap Dream, Scramble the Groove, Fog and Sun, Dulcimambo, Farewell Fair One, Wingfoot Reel/Jam O’Jelly 

Gary Gallier, P.O. Box 4922 g.s., Springfield, MO, 65808   417 865-4170

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